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If you choose real estate investment, then…

trust us!

Why us?

My colleagues and I provide comprehensive assistance and administration for our clients, from selection to moving in.

We offer the projects and properties of reliable, verified and long-established construction partners, with orderly ownership and transparent costs. We provide our customers with free accommodation and a Hungarian-speaking contact person.

Iwe curse Northern Cyprus –  This is an extremely important factor.  Local knowledge is a major advantage when making an investment decision. It is important to know the characteristics and the potential inherent in each sub-area, which can bring additional benefits to the customer.

What do we offer?

Our company offers properties for sale in Northern Cyprus to those interested in looking for a Mediterranean lifestyle. Many people buy real estate in North Cyprus as an investment because the value of real estate is constantly increasing, but you can still buy your dream property here at a much more affordable price than in many other countries.

When someone buys property in North Cyprus for self-care or other investment purposes and exchanges their liquid assets for real estate, they gain two huge advantages at the same time:

1. Its value is less affected by various economic or political crises

We luckily survived a Covid crisis, now we are going through an unprecedented and perceived energy crisis, which made many of us think about what to keep our savings in.

In the demand-based North Cyprus real estate market, however, you can always be sure of your investment: a property purchased for self-care purposes always has a secure background, unlike a bank deposit.


2. Your investment will be protected from inflation

Nowadays, if someone keeps his money in a bank deposit, he must take into account that his property may lose value. In contrast, by purchasing real estate, you are also investing in your future.

In the past 5 years, the housing market in Northern Cyprus has shown a constant upward trend: the increase in the value of real estate in 2021 approached 30% and even exceeded it in some priority holiday areas.

In addition, the purchasing power of the income from the sale of apartments also maintained its positive rate compared to the consumer price index.

Safety - an investment property is a sure support in every situation.

There will always be a need for apartments, people want comfortable and safe homes, the demand is constant. It is not a negligible fact that there is no frost on the island in winter, so the winter energy consumption is significantly lower than in any other European country.

Neither the stock market crash, currency deterioration, nor economic crisis can permanently and significantly affect this basic human need, and thus the demand for housing. The investor can therefore count on a certain profit.


Since nocan you please

Valuable, kcan be calculated yield - our money is exposed to the danger of inflation every year, as a result of which the purchasing power of our liquid means of payment is constantly deteriorating.  Taking into account the trends shown by the income from letting out apartments and relying on the experience so far, it can be stated that their value is constantly rising above the rate of inflation.

A real estate investment in North Cyprus does not require an extra investment of time - buying an apartment for self-care with the help of the right partner is convenient and easy.  A good real estate agency takes on a number of tasks based on individual needs, through which the income from renting out apartments only means an increase in income for you, without additional time investment.

Value growth potential - knowing the development areas well, a serious increase in value can be achieved with smart investor decisions. This is a constantly renewing potential in a bustling metropolis where 10,000 apartments are built every year and there is a permanent demand on the housing market.

Value preservation and valuegrowing up

All of the above advantages are available and can be exploited with the proper management and utilization of a smartly chosen investment. His partner in all of this isDreamTeam LTD, so that you, as an investor, can sit back comfortably, with all the information you need to make a good decision.

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